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How Long Does a BMW Electric Car Battery Last?


how long bmw electric car battery last
“Right now, Electric Car Batteries typically last between 8 to 16 years! That’s pretty impressive.” BMW is really dedicated to sustainability. They’re doing a lot to make their cars more eco-friendly, like using revolutionary materials and minimizing primary raw materials throughout the vehicle’s life cycle, and employing 100% renewable energy in their production plants. Plus, all their energy for making cars comes from renewable sources. BMW actively works to decrease global CO2 emissions and they’re serious about making batteries too, using exclusively renewable energy for that. Besides, they’re always trying to lower the amount of CO2 they produce all around the world. Additionally,  the BMW company has devised a method to recycle up to 96% of battery components in the coming years. Lots of drivers in cities like Chicago, San Diego, San Jose, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Park Ridge, and New York are adopting the electric car lifestyle—and it’s a smart move! Electric vehicles are fantastic & too much helpful for both the environment of our planet and our finances. Yet, a few drivers hesitate to transition due to concerns about their electric cars’ battery life. But guess, How long the batteries in BMW electric vehicles last?  You may be surprised at their longevity! The current life expectancy of electric car batteries is approximately 8 to 16 years! This is fantastic, especially considering that most electric vehicle manufacturers back their batteries with extensive warranty coverage. Consequently, the expense to replace an Electric Car Battery is considerably higher compared to replacing a battery in a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. how long bmw electric car battery last

Why Does BMW Electric Car Battery’s Lasting Matter?

BMW’s Electric Cars outperform Gasoline-Powered Vehicles in terms of environmental impact and maintenance due to their simpler construction with fewer moving parts. Despite these advantages, potential buyers still have concerns about the lifespan of Electric Car Batteries. The battery in an Electric Car tends to be the priciest part, with replacement costs ranging from $6,000 to $12,000. However, it’s worth noting that How Long Does a BMW Electric Car Battery Last? And the another thing is also important to know that BMW Electric Car Battery expenses have significantly dropped over the past decade, and this decline is expected to continue. To support early adopters of electric vehicles, most manufacturers offer warranties covering the battery for eight to ten years. This additional reassurance is bound to make owning an EV more appealing, especially for informed Oak Park drivers who are considering the switch.

Battery Basics

Gasoline-powered cars rely on Lead-Acid Batteries, whereas BMW Electric Cars utilize Lithium-ion Battery packs. These are the same type of batteries found in your cell phone or laptop. Lithium-ion batteries boast higher energy density and retain their charge for longer periods compared to standard car batteries.

What type of battery does BMW EV use?

BMW has its sights set on a new phase after 2025, looking to introduce Gen-6 Batteries and a Solid-State Electrolyte Battery (ASSB). This solid-state battery is projected to boast a 30% increase in energy density compared to gen-6 batteries. There’s talk of a test car featuring this solid-state battery hitting the roads within the next two years.

The New Generation with a Solid-State Electrolyte

BMW has future plans beyond 2025, looking into Gen-6 Batteries and a Solid-State Electrolyte Battery (ASSB) expected to offer 30% higher energy density than Gen-6 batteries. There’s talk of a test car featuring this Solid-State Battery hitting the roads within the next 2 years. However, mass production of this technology isn’t likely to happen until the late 2020s or early 2030s.

Life Expectancy

Each Electric Car Battery in the USA and UA comes with a warranty, lasting a minimum of 8 years or up to 100,000 miles. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the warranty terms, as there may be specific conditions. For example, KIA offers a 10-year battery pack warranty, while Hyundai provides lifetime coverage. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by their longevity! Although it’s true that replacing an Electric Car Battery is considerably more expensive than swapping out a battery in a gasoline-powered vehicle, the Electric Car Battery life expectancy currently ranges from 10 to 20 years! how long bmw electric car battery last Investing in an Electric Car Battery may seem like a significant expense, but in most cases, you might not have to make that purchase at all. Typically, BMW Electric Car Batteries last from 8 to 16 years. However, factors like extreme temperatures, rapid charging, or frequent exposure to cold conditions can potentially impact their lifespan and performance. But, do you know How Long Does a BMW Electric Car Battery Last? how long bmw electric car battery last

Performance Degession

On average, Electric Car Batteries degrade at a rate of about 2.3% of their maximum capacity per year. With proper care, you can count on your EV battery lasting as long as, or even longer than, components in traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) drivetrains. According to Geotab, a 2015 Tesla Model S equipped with liquid cooling showed an average annual degradation rate of 2.3%. In contrast, a 2015 Nissan Leaf with air cooling exhibited a higher degradation rate of 4.2%.


As previously mentioned, the lifespan of your battery is directly influenced by heat. Cold temperatures, however, don’t diminish the overall lifespan but impact only the range and performance. Electric vehicles operate optimally at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, prompting manufacturers to incorporate thermal management systems into the vehicles. The complexity of these systems varies based on the model and brand, but liquid cooling is typically involved to maintain a suitable temperature. When it comes to charging, there’s little you can do to prevent its impact on the battery. With each recharge cycle, the battery gradually degrades. While this is a normal process for devices like iPhones, car owners expect a longer lifespan for their rides, often beyond four or five years. This expectation is the reason why you can never fully deplete or charge the battery in an EV. Even when the battery displays zero percent, preventing driving, some energy is still preserved, significantly enhancing battery longevity.


Purchasing a battery for your BMW Electric Car Battery can be costly, but in many cases, you might not need to replace it at all. Generally, BMW Electric Car Batteries have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 20 years. However, factors like extreme temperatures, rapid charging, or cold conditions can impact this and reduce performance. To address these concerns, manufacturers have incorporated protective measures such as thermal management systems and charging restrictions. Additionally, warranties cover repairs if needed. Every BMW Electric Car Battery undergoes degradation over time, which is unavoidable. However, there’s no need for excessive worry. Manufacturers are actively working to enhance the lifespan and maintain top performance. So, when you invest in an EV, you can expect your battery to function effectively for a considerable duration. how long bmw electric car battery last


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