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Specifications of BMW iX EV Car


The BMW iX represents the epitome of the brand’s commitment to electric mobility. As the automotive industry embraces a greener future, BMW introduces a vehicle that not only meets but also exceeds expectations in terms of performance, design, and innovation.

With a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, electric vehicles have gained immense popularity. The BMW iX emerges as a frontrunner in this electric revolution, promising a driving experience that aligns with modern eco-conscious values.

Specifications of BMW iX

Engine Specification

Power: 385 kW

Horsepower: 524 hp (516 bhp)

Torque: 765 Nm

Torque: 564 lb-ft

Transmission & Drivetrain

Drivetrain: AWD

Transmission: Automatic (Fixed)


Parking Brake

Electric: Auto Hold

Front Brakes: Disc Brakes

Diameter: 348 mm

Width: 36 mm

Cooling: Ventilated

Rear Brakes: Disc Brakes

Diameter: 345 mm

Width: 24 mm

Brake Caliper Pistons: Front (4) | Rear (1)

Brake Caliper Colour: Grey


Fuel: Electric

Tank Volume: 0 l


Length: 4,953 mm

Width: 1,967 mm

Width with Mirrors: 2,230 mm

Height: 1,595 mm

Track, Front: 1,679 mm

Track, Rear: 1,709 mm

Wheel Base: 3,000 mm

Overhang, Front: 906 mm

Overhang, Rear: 1,047 mm

Ground Clearance: 203 mm


Curb Weight: 2,510–2,585 kg

Gross Weight: 3,145 kg

Max Trailer Load, braked 12%: 2,500 kg

Max Trailer Load, unbraked: 750 kg

Cargo Capacity: 560 kg

Max Roof Load: 75 kg

Max Towbar Download: 100 kg

Safety Features

Advanced driver-assistance systems

1. Collision avoidance

Safety takes center stage with the iX’s advanced driver-assistance systems, including collision avoidance technology. The vehicle actively works to prevent accidents, enhancing overall safety on the road.

2. Parking assistance

Navigating tight parking spaces becomes a breeze with the iX’s parking assistance features. This not only adds convenience but also contributes to preventing minor accidents in crowded areas.

Structural integrity

1. Impact protection

The BMW iX prioritizes safety with a robust structural design that provides superior impact protection. This commitment to structural integrity ensures the well-being of occupants in various driving conditions.

2. Safety ratings

Earning top safety ratings, the BMW iX stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to occupant safety. Independent assessments recognize the iX for its crashworthiness and overall safety features.

Environmental Impact

Zero-emission commitment

BMW’s commitment to a zero-emission future is reflected in the iX. As an electric vehicle, it contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Sustainable materials in manufacturing

The iX goes beyond zero-emission driving; it embraces sustainability in its manufacturing process. Incorporating eco-friendly materials, BMW ensures that every aspect of the iX’s production minimizes its environmental impact.

User Experience and Reviews

Testimonials from BMW iX owners

Real-world experiences of BMW iX owners highlight the positive impact of the vehicle on daily life. From performance to reliability, these testimonials provide insights into the unparalleled user experience offered by the iX.

User-friendly interface and controls

Navigating the technology-packed interior of the iX is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. The design prioritizes simplicity without compromising on the advanced features that make the iX stand out.

Market Positioning

Comparison with other electric vehicles

In a competitive electric vehicle market, the BMW iX holds its own. A comparative analysis with other electric vehicles highlights the unique features and advantages that set the iX apart, making it a strong contender for environmentally conscious consumers.

Target audience and market strategy

Identifying its target audience, BMW strategically positions the iX as the ideal choice for those seeking a premium electric vehicle experience. The brand’s market strategy aligns with the preferences and values of eco-conscious consumers.

Future Developments

BMW’s commitment to innovation

The BMW iX is a milestone and a stepping stone for the brand’s continuous innovation in electric mobility. BMW’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements hints at exciting future developments and upgrades for the iX.

Potential upgrades and enhancements

As technology evolves, so does the BMW iX. Anticipate potential upgrades and enhancements that will further elevate the driving experience, ensuring that iX owners stay at the cutting edge of electric vehicle technology.

Maintenance and Cost of Ownership

Routine maintenance requirements

Owning the BMW iX comes with minimal maintenance requirements, adding to the overall convenience of electric vehicle ownership. Explore the routine maintenance aspects and how they contribute to a hassle-free ownership experience.

Calculating total ownership costs

Beyond the initial purchase, understanding the total cost of ownership is crucial. Breakdowns of various ownership costs provide prospective buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the financial commitment associated with the iX.

Customization Options

Color choices and aesthetics

Personalization is key, and the BMW iX offers a range of color choices and aesthetic options for owners to express their individuality. Explore the customization possibilities that make each iX a unique reflection of its owner.

Optional features and packages

Tailoring the driving experience is made easy with optional features and packages. From advanced safety features to premium audio systems, the iX allows owners to customize their vehicles according to their preferences and needs.

Ownership Benefits

Incentives for electric vehicle owners

BMW iX owners enjoy a range of incentives, from government incentives to perks provided by the brand. Uncover the various benefits that come with owning an electric vehicle and how they contribute to a rewarding ownership experience.

Warranty coverage and customer support

Peace of mind accompanies every BMW iX purchase, thanks to comprehensive warranty coverage and reliable customer support. Explore the details of the warranty and the support systems in place for iX owners.

Challenges and Concerns

Addressing common misconceptions

Electric vehicles often face misconceptions. Addressing and debunking common myths associated with the BMW iX contributes to a clearer understanding of the vehicle and its capabilities.

Overcoming challenges in EV adoption

As electric vehicles become more mainstream, overcoming challenges in adoption is essential. The BMW iX addresses these challenges head-on, contributing to the broader acceptance and normalization of electric mobility.

Lifestyle Integration

How BMW iX fits into modern lifestyles

The BMW iX seamlessly integrates into modern lifestyles, offering a driving experience that aligns with the fast-paced, tech-savvy world. Explore how the iX becomes more than just a vehicle but an integral part of daily routines.

Impact on daily routines and habits

From daily commutes to weekend adventures, the BMW iX has an impact on daily routines and habits. Delve into how this electric vehicle enhances and transforms the day-to-day lives of its owners.

Global Impact

BMW iX in the international market

The BMW iX extends its impact beyond borders, contributing to sustainable mobility on a global scale. Explore its reception and role in various international markets, highlighting its significance in the broader context of electric mobility.

Contributing to sustainable mobility worldwide

BMW’s commitment to sustainable mobility isn’t limited to a specific region. Discover how the iX plays a role in advancing sustainable transportation worldwide, aligning with global initiatives for a greener and cleaner future.


The BMW iX emerges as a game-changer in the electric vehicle landscape, combining innovative technology, exceptional performance, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. From its dual electric motors to luxurious interiors, the iX sets new standards for what an electric vehicle can achieve.

For those considering a shift to electric mobility, the BMW iX stands as a compelling choice. Encourage readers to explore the iX further, highlighting the unique features and benefits that make it a frontrunner in the electric vehicle market.


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