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What is The Range of The BMW Electric Car?


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BMW’s lineup of all-electric vehicles typically have a range of up to 300 miles, although this can vary depending on the specific model.

Here are the ranges of some other BMW electric cars:

  • BMW i4 eDrive40 M Sport: 336–352 miles
  • BMW i4 M50: 257–318 miles
  • BMW iX xDrive40 M Sport: 251–264 miles
  • BMW iX M60: 338–349 miles
  • BMW iX3 M Sport: 290–292 miles 
  • BMW i7: of 387 miles

The EPA range is determined under specific conditions within a controlled environment. It’s essential to recognize that electric vehicles behave differently in real-world scenarios. However, by understanding how to leverage factors that enhance your range, you can optimize your vehicle’s estimated range to its fullest potential.

Increasing Factors

  • Mild Temperatures:
    • Electric vehicles typically achieve a greater range in mild ambient temperatures.
  • Economical Driving:
    • Adopting an anticipatory, relaxed, and smooth driving style can optimize your range by conserving energy.
  • Pre-Conditioning:
    • Pre-conditioning while charging helps optimize the battery and cabin to their ideal temperature, drawing power directly from the outlet.
  • Flatter Terrain:
    • Traversing flatter terrain reduces the workload on your electric motor, thus minimizing the consumption of your battery’s energy.

Decreasing Factors

  • Extreme Temperatures:
    • During excessively hot or cold weather conditions, the electric range of your vehicle tends to decrease.
  • Sporty Driving:
    • Engaging in aggressive accelerations and maintaining higher speeds consumes more energy. Additionally, hard braking diminishes energy recovery.
  • Heating & Cooling:
    • The process of heating or cooling the cabin necessitates electric power and draws energy from the battery.
  • Steeper Terrain:
    • Ascending steep inclines requires increased energy expenditure for all vehicles, whether gas-powered or electric, compared to driving on flatter terrain.

Powering up while on the move

Your BMW electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid can conveniently recharge using alternating current (AC) at any publicly accessible charging station equipped with a Type 2 connector. Additionally, BMW’s all-electric models are compatible with direct current (DC) charging, available at any public charging station featuring a Combined Charging System (CCS) connector.

Learn The Range of The BMW Electric Car

The BMW i3

The BMW i3 boasts an impressive electric range of 177 to 190 miles on a single charge. When utilizing a fast charging station, it can recharge to a range of 62 miles in just 18 minutes. Alternatively, using a 7.4KW Home Wall Box takes less than 2 hours for a full recharge. With a standard charging cable connected to a household socket (2.3KW), it takes approximately 6 hours and 18 minutes to reach the same range. For the BMW i3S model, recharging to a 62-mile range takes about 20 minutes at a Fast Charging Station, 2 hours and 9 minutes with a Home Wall Box, and approximately 6 hours and 58 minutes using a standard charging cable plugged into a household socket (2.3KW).

BMW i4

Experience the efficiency of your BMW i4, which can swiftly reach 80% charge in just 34 minutes when connected to a 205 kW charging station. In a mere 10 minutes, you can add up to 101 miles to your range. When at home, utilizing a Wall Box will fully charge your BMW i4 in 13 hours. Plus, essential accessories like the BMW Flexible Charger for home charging, the Mode 3 charging cable for public charging, and the BMW Charging Card for accessing the public charging network are all included with your purchase of a BMW i4.

BMW i5

Introducing the all-new BMW i5, a harmonious blend of tradition, forward-thinking design, and electric prowess. Crafted for trailblazers who ignite change, it heralds the dawn of an electrifying era. Anticipate exhilarating driving dynamics and an impressive all-electric range stretching up to 357 miles.

BMW i7

With a remarkable electric range of up to 387 miles, the BMW i7 achieves exceptional efficiency, consuming just 3.2 – 3.4 miles per kilowatt-hour thanks to innovative technologies like regenerative braking, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic design. Recharging is a breeze, taking you from 10% to 80% in a mere 34 minutes at a high-power charging station delivering 195 kW. At home, charging options include the Flexible Charger or the optional Smart Partner Wallbox, while on-the-go charging is made effortless with the Mode 3 Charging cable.


With its dual BMW electric motors, fifth-generation eDrive technology, and cutting-edge electric all-wheel drive system, the BMW iX xDrive50 redefines the boundaries of adventure. Boasting an impressive range of up to 380 miles, this model delivers exhilarating performance, achieving 0 to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds. Meanwhile, the BMW iX xDrive40 offers a range of up to 264 miles and accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 6.1 seconds, providing a thrilling driving experience for all.


The BMW iX1 proves to be the perfect partner for spontaneous journeys, offering a quick recharge of up to 75 miles of range in just 10 minutes. At public high-speed charging stations, you can replenish up to 80% of the range in only 29 minutes. With a consumption rate of just 3.4-3.7 kWh/km, achieved through technologies like regenerative braking, this model prioritizes efficiency. Its lightweight construction methods and aerodynamic design further enhance maximum efficiency. *This charging speed is achievable at a high-speed charging station.


The BMW iX3 achieves an impressive range of up to 281 – 285 miles, courtesy of its efficient drivetrain concept, sleek aerodynamic design, and robust high-voltage battery. Innovative features like brake energy recovery play a pivotal role in extending the range and decreasing energy consumption to a remarkable 3.3 miles per kilowatt-hour.

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